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Welcome to FeedingMyPet.com – a website where you can find all the essential information regarding your pet’s diet and nutrition.

Do you have a concern about feeding your pet? Or, are you a new pet parent and looking for information on safe and nutritious foods for your fur baby?

FeedingMyPet was established to help pet owners like YOU care for your pet and provide them with a nourishing diet.

We are passionate about animals, and we want to see your pets healthy, happy, and thriving. Our mission is to help you support the wellbeing of your pet.

The content on this site is carefully written with extensive research and approved by veterinary doctors. We strive to provide pet owners with useful and accurate information, and we hope you find our website helpful and valuable.

We are pet lovers, and we treat pets as our family. We don’t just write about pets; we live with them every day and write from personal experience and love towards all kinds of animals.


FeedingMyPet’s Veterinarian Team

Contributing veterinarian Dr. Leonie McKinlay Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Leonie McKinlay, DVM

Contributing veterinarian Dr. Edele Grey Veterinary Surgeon

Edele Grey, DVM

Contributing veterinarian Dr. Sara Redding Ochoa Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Sara Redding Ochoa, DVM

Contributing veterinarian Dr. Ivana Crnec, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Ivana Crnec, DVM

Iulia Mihai, DVM

Abdul Basit Javed, DVM

FeedingMyPet’s Editorial Team

Emma Hughes

Emma is a veterinary student and a dog enthusiast. She has kept pets from a young age, and although she now shares her home with only three dogs, Emma has first-hand experience on parenting guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, and cockatiels.

Emma loves that she can share her expertise and help other pet owners.

Email: emma @ feedingmypet.com

Emma Hughes Editor bio

Sheila Wilson

Sheila proudly calls herself the wacky cat lady because she lives with four feline companions and fosters rescue cats as well. She also has experience with chickens, as she keeps three in her backyard. Lucy, Lydia, and Princess Leia are a lovely trio, although they tend to plot for an escape whenever Sheila turns her back on them.

Being a cat parent herself, Sheila hopes to benefit from her personal experience to provide insight into feeding cats.

Email: sheila @ feedingmypet.com

Sheila Wilson editorial bio

Daniel Ramirez

Daniel is the most normal one in our team, with just two dogs and a love for all kinds of animals. Babs and Zoe keep him busy by getting into mischief while alone at home.

Daniel wants to provide well-researched information for other pet owners to ensure their pet’s health.

Email: daniel @ feedingmypet.com

Daniel Ramirez editorial bio

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